Trucking Jobs for Felons - 7 Recommendations on Finding Felony Jobs Like a Driver

Truck driving has become a popular project for felons. This can be a life changing career with long-term potential and benefits. Truck driving jobs for felons provide freedom around the open road in addition to comfort and security as one of the higher paying felon friendly employment.
Dry Van Trucking Jobs
According to research conducted recently, the U.S. trucking marketplace is now taken from these tough economic times and is also growing at a rate of four years old to six percent. After 2011, the should hire around 200,000 additional driver. It's rare to determine a business with this type of potential particularly in this kind of economy.

This is good news for ex convicts who're trying to find felon friendly jobs, with some exceptions. There are 2 kinds of felonies that will prevent you from becoming a trucker: Trucking Jobs

1. Distribution of, possession with intent to distribute, or importation of the controlled substance.

2. The use of criminal force for example with a gun or knife.

The hiring of truck drivers is extremely regulated from the Federal Motor Carrier Association and when you have one of these simple two types of felonies you won't get hired by trucking company. For those who have another type of felony on your record you can still drive a truck and discover companies that hire felons.

Before companies that hire felons will consider you, you will need to obtain a Commercial Driving License (CDL) to become a professional driver. You can find countless trucking schools throughout the US which can help you get the CDL when spent your hard earned money on training, call some trucking companies first to see if they are willing to hire you when you get your CDL. Some truck delivery companies that hire felons may even offer to teach you free of charge.

Strategies for obtaining a driver job

� Be honest concerning your record. Believe that all companies will do an intensive investigation of one's past driving, criminal and employment history.

� A clear driving record without recent traffic violations is a huge plus.

� Contact truck delivery companies rather than schools of motoring. The schools simply want your tuition money but an advertisement driving license is useless if you fail to get the interview.

� Try smaller local companies for those who have no luck with all the big ones.

� When you get sick and tired of randomly calling companies up, visit a local truck stop to check out their bulletin board. There are normally lots of ads posted.

� You might like to approach a few of the drivers at truck stops, purchase them coffee and get them when they recognize any delivery companies that hire felons.

� Around 500,000 trucking companies within the U.S. so don't give up if the first few companies don't respond favorably in your inquiries.

Truck driving could be a great felony job. You'll want the need to go the excess step up to be eligible for high paying felony friendly jobs. Hopefully why these tips will assist you on your hunt for truck driving jobs for felons.


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